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The skilled trades are a wonderful career opportunity for women.

Whether you’re fresh out of high school, or looking to change careers, learning a trade is a great pathway to a high paying career that raises you above the normal, regular job. We help gritty women find the career that provides them the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.

Nationally, only 3 to 4% of the building trades workforce are women – and similar representation in related skilled trades such as machinists and auto mechanics. Tradeswomen Inc. aims to increase the number of women in construction and related trades.

We support women who are looking for a career in a craft, and act as a resource center for both tradeswomen and employers to bring change into the skilled trades.

Produced by the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California in collaboration with TWI.

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Tradeswomen, Inc. (TWI) is a Bay Area non-profit organization that was established in 1979, with the mission of increasing the number of women working in the building trades and ensuring that they can thrive in their construction careers. TWI is a workforce development organization that is rapidly expanding and evolving into new territories.

AT TWI, we believe employee retention and growth are essential to the success of our mission. TWI is changing lives and generational trajectory one woman at a time!  AND we need people like you, to be a social change agent to continue our mission.

For consideration please review the open positions and forward your resume and cover letter to Recruiting at

TWI is an equal opportunity employer and seeks qualified applicants without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.


Please visit Tradeswomen, Inc. on Indeed to view all open positions and apply there.

Our new CEO,
Dr. Kay Ramsey!

Meet Dr. Kay
Dr Kay Tradeswomen Inc

We Support Women In SKILLED Trades

We offer a range of services to help women who are looking to get into the building trades, and providing meetups that help women build comradery, while help the contractors and unions who work with skilled tradeswomen with training and retention education.

Outreach & Recruitment Services

Help make sure your talent pool has the diversity and skill that can ensure fast-paced growth for your business.

Partner With Us

Continued Support

We have meetups regularly for women in the building trades to have a place to build comradery.

Our Programs

Leadership & Management Support

Support for both union and contractor Human Resources Development for the workforce development.

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The Facts

Construction and Utilities were the ONLY sectors where
more women are on the payroll after the
the Coronavirus Pandemic than before.


“Generally: Women make 81 cents to a man’s dollar.
In construction: 94 cents to a man’s dollar.
Union Careers: Dollar-to-dollar equal in ALL union contracts.”

Source: The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR)

Why choose a career in a union construction trade?


Average starting wage is $20/hr PLUS benefits. Plus Project Labor Agreements, or construction work done for government agencies, pay PREVAILING WAGE.


Although women make 80 cents on the dollar in most comparable positions, union contracts dictate that WOMEN make the SAME as Men


In the summer of 2019, seasonally adjusted construction employment in California topped 900,000 for the first time in 12 years, increasing by 4% or more in June, July, and August, compared to the same months in 2018.

Only 250K


A quarter of a million women work in the trades.

Of the 165 million working in the trades, women make up 250K. Our goal is to narrow that gap!

Only 3.4%

In 2018, fewer than one in twenty (3.4%) of construction trades workers were women working with tools.

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TWI provides a much needed avenue for women getting in the trades, and they also provide comradery for women who are working in the trades already. As a 28 year steamfitter, its great to that I can particpate in an organization that provides support to women apprentices.

Terri GoldenSteamfitter, UA342

The best feeling is getting paid for something you love doing.

Raquel LeonbergerAutomotive Pre-Apprentice

Dr Kay Ramsey

 Kay Ramsey, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

We proudly announce the appointment of Dr. Kay Ramsey as the new CEO for Tradeswomen, Inc. Dr. Kay has worked at the intersection of equity, workforce development, social justice, mental health, and diversity for over two decades. Fueled by the commitment to interrupt systemic issues disproportionately impacting marginalized people, Dr. Kay has led organizations to rebuild systems and communities as a transformational leader and visionary. Dr. Kay will continue to further advance the mission and legacy of Tradeswomen, Inc. which celebrated its 43rd anniversary last year with excellence, thoughtfulness, and poise.

For the past decade, Dr. Kay has developed a niche in curating DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) strategies to ensure women and people of color take a seat at the table through creating opportunities for clients to reach their desired level of success. As an award-winning social change agent and published author, she has become a subject matter expert in strategic planning and implementing programmatic best practices on a micro and macro level. This also afforded her the privilege to deliver program grant requirements and implement capacity building projects for California's Departments of Labor and Education and Workforce Development Investment Board. In addition to County Departments of Mental Health and Child and Family Services.

Academically, Dr. Kay Ramsey has earned Master degrees in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Business Administration from Pepperdine University. She also successfully completed her Doctorate in Public Policy and Nonprofit Leadership, and Post-Doctoral Certification in Change Management.

As a former foster youth and survivor of adversity, Dr. Kay fully understands the importance of establishing equity, empowering and motivating others to succeed in their careers. She is overjoyed to be appointed the new TWI CEO and firmly believes her faith and perseverance have prepared her to take on this role. Dr. Kay Ramsey  is ready to effect meaningful change for the women and staff she will serve, please join us in welcoming her to the team.