Tradeswomen Inc. (TWI) maintains multiple programs and relationships to support entering and established tradeswomen. TWI holds regular informational Entry to Apprenticeship workshops at our offices and with regional partners.  We work with PGE, EBMUD and other utilities to increase women in trades careers in these utilities. In partnership with the Building Trades, we sponsor the pre-apprenticeship workshops and a scholarship program at the Women Building  the Nation Conferences. In 2014, as part of a coalition with other women’s apprenticeship readiness programs, TWI initiated a full day Institute on Women in Pre-Apprenticeship for staff and other professionals. Further, as part of the National Taskforce on Tradeswomen Issues, we organize the Tradeswomen Policy Forums that follow the Women Building Conferences. TWI continues our work with victims of domestic abuse, and our services as an informal national tradeswomen hotline. We have published our 11th annual Tradeswomen Calendar.  And we are very proud to be part of a West Coast Consortium working with the Department of Labor and several apprenticeship programs on a Women in Apprenticeship and Non-Traditional Occupations (WANTO) grant.


Have you ever wondered how you can learn how to install an electrical outlet or a toilet fixture or build a house?

The Entry to Apprenticeship Workshop is a good place to begin. This workshop will introduce you to 35 construction trades that offer apprenticeship programs to train future skilled trades’ workers. Information provided includes: defining what apprenticeship programs are; minimum requirements; required documents; application process; selection process and timeline. Additionally, experienced Tradeswomen will share their personal experiences of being a woman in a male dominated work environment, tell you how and why they selected their trade, give tips on how to survive, and answer your questions.

For more information and upcoming workshop dates

List of Bay Area Pre-Apprenticeships


The 2015 Institute will be held in in Los Angeles on May 1 as an adjunct to the Women Building the Nation Conference. More details to follow.


The Taskforce is comprised of tradeswomen, advocates and other community based organizations in support of women in the trades. Equal Rights Advocates and Wider Opportunities for Women co-host the Taskforce.  Please contact Francoise Jacobsohn at to join the google group and see Equal Rights Advocates.

The Taskforce through the work of Francoise Jacobsohn sponsors a wonderful series of portraits of tradeswomen called Tradeswomen’s Tuesdays.


TWI sponsors workshops and support for women in pre-apprenticeship programs. TWI will also sponsor women in these programs to attend the Women Building the Nation Conference each year. Program staff should contact for further information.

WANTO (Women in Apprenticeship and Non-Traditional Occupations)

Tradeswomen Inc,. is proud to announce its participation in the Department of Labor’s 2014-2016 WANTO grants as part of the Western Resource Center for Women and Girls in Apprenticeship and CTE (Career & Technical Education) comprised of Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. (OTI, Oregon) and Apprenticeship and Non-Traditional Employment for Women (ANEW, Washington State) and Tradeswomen, Inc. (TWI, California).