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Application deadline: Application forms must be submitted electronically with resumes attached, by 5:00 p.m. on April 30, 2021.

The Northern California Carpenters Regional Council invites Journey level members to apply for the position of Organizer. All Organizers work at the discretion of the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Regional Council. Organizers report directly to Lead and Senior Organizers where they are assigned and are overseen by the Director of Organizing.  Applicants should expect to travel throughout the 46 counties represented by the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council and must be willing to work long hours and weekends.  Organizers work wherever assigned, not necessarily at their local union or close to their home.

Newly hired organizers are paid on a salary basis of 40 hours per week at Bridge Builder/ Highway Carpenter Wage and Benefits, and are exempt, salaried employees.

Subject to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, organizers should expect, but are not limited to the following work conditions:

  • Work hours needed to complete assigned tasks
  • Work Saturdays and Sundays when necessary
  • Conduct web based research
  • Extensive travel
  • Participate fully in union activities
  • Public speaking
  • Attend continuing educational classes 


  • Be a Journey level Carpenter
  • Be a member in good standing of a local union in the jurisdiction for the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council for twelve (12) consecutive months prior to the application date
  • Be a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years prior to application date
  • Possess good communication skills
  • Possess a strong work ethic
  • Bilingual a plus
  • Be committed to the principles and goals of the Union
  • Be a team player

Applicants must provide the following information at the time of interview.

  • A valid California Driver License
  • A valid TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Card)
  • A Current Department of Motor Vehicles Driving History Print Out (must be actual DMV print out)
  • Current proof of auto insurance in applicants name

Applicants must be willing to undergo the following:

  • Comprehensive Background Check
  • Credit report history
  • Reading retention and language literacy test
  • Computer skills test
  • Attend a UBC 3-day evaluation class
  • Attend interview with the NCCRC hiring committee

Click here for more information and application.

Click here to visit Northern California Carpenters Regional Council’s website


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