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California Fire Service Eligibility List Application and Testing

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Testing available on certain days and times, registration required

The California Firefighters have reopened some of their testing facilities in Northern California – Livermore & Sacramento

Click here for the posting and more detailed information.

Both a Written Test and a Physical Test are required
Preparation highly recommended

FCTC Written Test

The FCTC written Exam is a 100 question multiple choice test.

  • Section 1: Recall and Comprehend Verbal and Visual Information. This section requires candidates to watch two short videos and answer questions based on the scenarios presented.  
  • Section 2: Apply Mechanical Reasoning
  • Section 3: Solve Mathematical Problems
  • Section 4: Recall and Comprehend Technical Information from Written Materials. 

For more information on the written test, click here.

Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

Participants in the CPAT must navigate eight separate events on a closed course within a span of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. Each event simulates a physical skill or function that firefighters experience on the job. The physical test costs $150

During the test, Candidates wear a helmet and gloves and 50-lb weighted vests, designed to simulate the weight of firefighter personal protective equipment. 

Candidates have the opportunity to attend at least two orientation sessions within 8 weeks prior to taking the test.

For more information or to sign up for orientations and testing in your area click here

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