Madeline Mixer Future Tradeswomen Fund

The Madeline Mixer Tradeswomen of the Future Scholarship Fund

 About the Scholarship Fund

Tradeswomen Inc. sponsors the pre-apprentice program at the annual Women Building California and the Nation Conference in collaboration with the California Building and Construction Trades. In 2014, for the third year running, approximately 100 women participated in the conference as pre-apprentices. This year, pre-apprentices from 18 different pre-apprentice training programs representing 20 separate program sites from all over Central and Northern California attended the conference. The scholarship fund supported the outreach and coordination efforts, the pre-apprentice workshops, conference registration costs and other transportation and support for pre-apprentices and the accompanying staff.

Tradeswomen, Inc. has added to our outreach to tradeswomen of the future through our Entry to Apprenticeship for Women workshops that share information on specific apprenticeship openings as well as related industrial and utility positions. Journey level tradeswomen also contribute their stories at each workshop.


About Madeline Mixer

The Tradeswomen of the Future Scholarship Fund is named in honor of Madeline Mixer. Madeline Mixer has worked to open up opportunities for women in the trades since the early 1970’s. She was influential in getting the California Apprenticeship Council to set goals to bring women into trade apprenticeships in 1975. A retired Region Nine Director of the Department of Labor Women’s Bureau and an economist by training, Madeline has worked to increase economic opportunities and self-sufficiency for women. Madeline is a co-founder of Tradeswomen, Inc. and a publisher of Pride and a Paycheck. She has continued to be a leader, visionary, sponsor and champion for women in the trades over decades.

2014 Contributors to the Madeline Mixer Scholarship Fund
Pacific Gas & Electric
Madeline Mixer
Port of Oakland
Neyhart Anderson Flynn & Grosboll
Swinerton Builders
Cahill Contractors, Inc.
East Bay Municipal Utility District
Davillier-Sloan Inc.
Northern California Chapter NECA
Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld
In Honor Of Richey Gore
Sacramento-Sierra Building Trades Council